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From peaceful evenings on a quiet lake, to the excitement and sounds of our annual regatta! Lake Heritage becomes your home and your favorite vacation spot. Cradled in the Susquehanna Valley in South Central Pennsylvania. A community of friends and families working together for the common good.

July 2015:  Community Alert

Board of Directors and Lake and Dam Committee address algae problem. A quorum of the Board of Directors and the Lake and Dam Committee discussed what to do as we approach but have not yet reached a more comprehensive solution to algae growth by means of aeration.

Because the aeration system will not be in place at the end of August or in September, the only option open to us is applying a dose of biologicals. Any application of copper sulfate was ruled out because it would lower the oxygen level as the algae decayed and very possibly would cause a fish kill. If you click on the link below, you will be able to read an analysis of a sample of lake water from our lake. Since the analysis is difficult to interpret for anyone not skilled in aquatic biology, the webmaster will quote Bill Kirkpatrick’s interpretation of the results. Mr. Kirkpatrick has been our consultant for years and is the president of Aquatic Environment Consults, Inc. The general consensus of the quorum and the Lake and Dam Committee beyond the application of a strong dose of biologicals was to have a weekly test done on the lake water.

“Attached is the report for the water samples that we collected on August 18th. Microcystin levels was <1.0 µl/L. I have not been able to find where Pennsylvania or Maryland have established recreational water guidance or action levels for microcystin. Ohio has established levels. For levels above 6 µl/L, They have a Public Health Advisory PHA: swimming and wading are not recommended, water should not be swallowed and surface scum should be avoided. For levels above 20 µl/L  they have a No Contact Advisory NCA: recommend the public avoid all contact with the water. The levels established by Ohio are similar with those of other states that have established action levels. Some states have advisory notices for algal cell counts >100,000 cell/ml. The most recent sample contained 550,000 cell/ml. You will notice that the species of algae has switched from Microcystis toPlanktothrix and Anabaena. You will notice that the cell counts are still high. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

Click here to read report.

History of Lake Heritage Book For Sale!

LAKE HERITAGE HISTORY: BOOK NOW AVAILABLE (SAMPLE PAGES IN FULL ARTICLE) Do you live in Lake Heritage? Are you interested in history? Here is your chance to read Our Lake Our Heritage Our History: The Story of Lake Heritage on Its 50th Anniversary. This 160-page book published by the 50th Anniversary Committee. This book breaks down the development of Lake Heritage ... Read More  


Electronics Recycling contributed by Laura Tinsley Majeczky of the LHPOA Technology Committee
Is there a plethora of old misfit electronics in your household that you are unsure of what to do with? The most likely reason you haven't banished these devices from your home is that recycling them is such a hassle. Read More  

Open Letter On Condition of the Lake

Submitted by Matthew Verdirame - Lake and Dam Chairman | As we look at the lake this month everyone is concerned with the vast amount of algae in the lake at this time. As Lake and Dam chairman I can assure you that I am as concerned as you all are. The lake has had horrifying amounts of algae blooming up at the end of August. Read More


Online Newsletter Archive

We are pleased to provide online access to our Lake Heritage Newsletters. You’ll find Newsletters from the current year and many from 2012 and 2013 in our Newsletter Archive.

The newsletters are available to download as PDF files (note – some from 2012 & 2013 are missing in action). The newsletter archive will be kept up to date with each month’s newsletter release.

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