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Photos in slide show of Winter 2016 courtesy of Bill Sherman.

From peaceful evenings on a quiet lake, to the excitement and sounds of our annual regatta! Lake Heritage becomes your home and your favorite vacation spot. Cradled in the Susquehanna Valley in South Central Pennsylvania. A community of friends and families working together for the common good.

Parks Trash Important Notice about disposal of Medical Waste. Click here to download.

Super Bowl Party | See details. Super Bowl Party 2016.

Great Expectations for Lake Heritage

Contributed by John Doerr and Matt Verdirame | PO to PO: Great Expectations for Lake Heritage Community residents are generally very excited about the prospects for really great water quality in Lake Heritage. We all watch eagerly the myriad of bubble patterns (23, to be exact) now erupting from the water’s surface and know in our heart of hearts that when Spring returns next year...Read More

Father Goose Speaks Out

Protecting our Lake – Stop Goosing Around! contributed by Matt Verdirami, The Goose Control Man Does it hurt to have a few geese and ducks hang around our lake all year? It probably would not be as big an issue if we only had a few ducks or geese. However, as you probably observed, here at Lake Heritage we have more than a few of these waterfowl and they can be very destructive in large numbers. Read More

Super Bowl Party | Lake Heritage Community Center

The Second Annual Super Bowl Party If you hate professional football at its best and detest Super Bowl parties, this event is not for you. Read no further. However, if you love professional football (or someone you love loves professional football) and you enjoy Super Bowl parties, this event is for you. Read More  


Online Newsletter Archive

We are pleased to provide online access to our Lake Heritage Newsletters. You’ll find Newsletters from the current year and many from 2012 and 2013 in our Newsletter Archive.

The newsletters are available to download as PDF files (note – some from 2012 & 2013 are missing in action). The newsletter archive will be kept up to date with each month’s newsletter release.

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